Los Angeles Fractional CFO

A finance team familiar with southern California business.

Do you have a small business in Los Angeles, California that needs financial guidance?

A fractional CFO is the go-to solution for progressive small businesses today. Outsourced CFO services provide professional accounting, business planning, and analysis at an appropriate expense for your business.

What do you look for in a fractional CFO?

The myriad of fractional CFO providers is daunting, but there are 4 key qualities to look for in a Los Angeles fractional CFO:

Team Approach

Remote work efficacy

Clearly defined deliverables

Experience with California taxes

A team approach

The best fractional CFO services are provided by a team of professionals that can scale rather than an individual interim CFO. Individuals have limited skill sets and quickly top-out on capacity, which is shared with many clients. Teams are scalable, diverse, and give you access to an array of specialists.

For example, you would be wise to seek out a Los Angeles Fractional CFO knowledge of California’s tough sales tax regulations. But will that individual be able to help you as your business triggers sales tax nexus in other states? An outsourced CFO team provides that scalability.

CFOshare team members as a conference table

Remote worker efficacy

When shopping for a Los Angeles fractional CFO, be sure you vet their remote management capabilities by asking questions, such as:

Will you accept my current software stack, or will you force me to change systems?

What software do you use for digital collaboration?

What security procedures do you follow to protect my business from hackers?

What kind of response time will you commit to?

Clearly defined deliverables

Before you onboard a fractional CFO, make them defined with specific deliverables – such as monthly financial statements, an updated forecast, and a board of directors’ deck. Many part time CFOs simply sell blocks of hours – this is a sub-standard commitment and will result in disappointment, missed expectations, or billing surprises.


California tax experience

Los Angeles, California faces some tricky sales and payroll taxes. Hire a firm who has worked with clients in the area and is familiar with local and state tax regulations.

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