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You Deserve Robust Financials

The endless drudgery of bookkeeping is boring yet critical. You need data to make informed decisions. Accurate bookkeeping isn’t just a necessity—it’s the backbone of strategic decision-making. Relying on luck is not an option.

We understand the importance of precise financial data. Our outsourced accounting service turns your frustration into confidence, your doubts into clear strategies, and your solo struggle into a team victory.

The Hidden Costs of In-House Bookkeeping

It’s more than your bookkeeper’s wages.

The true cost of in-house bookkeeping isn’t just monetary—it’s the missed opportunities and the time lost. 

  • Lost hours managing, recruiting, and training bookkeeping and accounting employees.
  • Opportunities missed from late financial reporting.
  • Fines and Penalties from incorrect tax and regulatory filings.
  • Stress and uncertainty due to unreliable data.

Stop wasting time and money on cheap bookkeeping solutions that are failing you and your business. Now is the time to upgrade to an outsourced bookkeeper.

Your Outsourced Accounting Team

Our formula is no secret – we follow accounting and bookkeeping best practices to make your company successful.

  • Design a robust process. We start every engagement with a 161-point Controls Study to identify issues and design scalable solutions.
  • Leverage technology. Our team uses the best technology on the market to be efficient while protecting your privacy.
  • Install checks-and-balances. CFOshare’s team approach includes supervision and internal audits to reduce fraud risk.
  • Communicate effectively. We know executives are busy and work with you to provide the right amount of information

Why CFOshare Bookkeeping?

Here’s the benefits we offer beyond confidence from reliable financials:

  • We are service, not software. You deserve a real live person to answer your questions, not an AI robot. 
  • Our responsiveness promise. We promise to respond to your messages and requests within 1 business day.
  • Month to month contracts. We earn your business every month. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel our engagement without penalty. 

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