Accounts Payable Services

Affordable and professional outsourced bookkeepers.

Why outsource AP services?

Capitalize on the economies of scale provided by a large professional AP service organization. CFOshare’s AP services give small and medium businesses many benefits:

  •  Save money with competitive near-shore labor
  •  Create order with professionally trained and supervised bookkeepers
  •  Improve vendor relationships with timely professional communication
  •  Avoid fraud with the implementation of proper AP controls
  •  Save time versus recruiting and hiring W2 employees

What services are provided by accounts payable outsourcing companies?

Accounts payable outsourcing services perform all the same tasks an in-house AP clerk would provide, including:

  •  Timely and accurately entering vendor bills.
  •  Communicating professionally with vendors and teammates via email, phone, and messaging services like Slack or Teams.
  •  Maintaining a clean AP inbox.
  •  Identifying cyber fraud and following controls best practices.
  •  Maintaining a best-in-class education on fraud controls.

How do accounts payable outsourcing services prevent fraud?

Vendor payment processing is the #1 source of small business fraud, both internal and external. Yet few small business owners are educated in the proper control systems to prevent AP fraud. CFOshare’s accounts payable solution employs industry best practices to:

Prevent fake-vendor fraud

Identify cyber-fraud, both third-party and vendor-sourced

Divide responsibilities to avoid single-point-of-failure

Keep you in the driver’s seat by maintaining your control over vendor payments

Why use a near-shore accounts payable solution?

CFOshare’s team of vetted, full-time Mexican employees work in the same time zone as you and share more of the USA business culture than India or the Philippines. We pay our employees above-market wages and provide health insurance and other benefits, so you are employing an ethically sourced workforce.

What is the difference between accounts payable services and AP Automation?

When used correctly, AP automation software like saves time and creates robust control systems; however, even the best systems require workers to maintain them. Accounts payable services set up and maintain AP automation software to ensure accurate data is reliably pushed to your accounting system.

When shopping for an AP outsource company, look for a team experienced with AP automation solutions rather than one focused solely on cheap labor. AP processes built around efficiency AND great people are more robust than those built around cheap labor.

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