More than a Fractional CFO...

You need a complete finance department.

You deserve professional financial strategy.

Why hire an outsourced finance & accounting department?

Advanced analytics and data-driven strategy for business; reach your goals fast.

Believable pro formas plus grounded guidance for funding, growth, and valuation.

Learn how to buy a business and determine a fair price to pay for it.

Save hours of frustrating busy work. Focus on growing your business instead.

Why CFOshare?

Our comprehensive finance team is your scalable solution.
CFOshare TeamTraditional Fractional CFOCPA BookkeeperContract BookkeeperW2 Bookkeeper
Cost Effective
Startup & Small Biz.Sales Tax Management
Payroll Management
Turver Protection
Full Charge Bookkeeping
Experienced Professionals
Fraud Controls
Pro Forma Projections
GrowthVariance Analysis
Cost of Growth Analysis
Capital Planning
Strategic Consultation
SpecialtyInterim CFO/Controller
M&A Expertise$
Distress/Turnaround Service$
Pricing Strategy Expertise$
Scale and QualityScalable Team
Best-in-Class Talent
Industry Best Practices
Comprehensive Project Mgmt.

Why Our Clients Like Us

You know, the startup world is crazy, and it was nice to have someone who could keep us grounded and help us think through the financial questions in a clear way.
Jessica Crothers
Jessica Crothers COO - Good Bye Gear
LJ is great - very focused and experienced. He’s been patient with us. It’s clear he’s efficient and not doing extra work that we don’t need. His advice has proven out.
Christopher Wimmer
Christopher Wimmer CEO - The Grow
Thanks to CFOshare, now I spend less time building reports and more time working with employees to ensure they are satisfied and advancing in their careers.
Marnie Urbach
Marnie Urbach Director of Human Resources - Tecomet, Inc.
LJ has a very charismatic presentation style and ability to build a case. He communicates clearly and brought years of experience in the medical devices industry.
Dave Capkovitz
Dave Capkovitz General Manager - Tecomet
It’s been great having someone who can help us with our financial strategy and do our books. CFOshare understands our business including the operational side. LJ is a great guy and very trustworthy. It’s been so valuable to have someone we can trust and call on for financial and business decisions.
Kristin Langenfeld
Kristin Langenfeld CEO & Co-Founder - Good Bye Gear
There is no way we would have been profitable without the ability to marry data analysis with business intuition. Our industry is hyper-competitive, and having a fractional CFO has given us an indisputable edge!
Nick Otis
Nick Otis CMO - Globeville Building and Land
It is impossible to appreciate the power of professional analytics until you experience it yourself. Given the opportunity, CFOshare will make you believer.
Kevin McGrath General Manager - Tecomet Inc.
CFOshare has repeatedly proven their talent for bringing order to the chaos typical of small business accounting and finance. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to improve the performance of their business, or any startup facing uncertainty.
Consulting Services Partner - Regional Colorado CPA Firm

Free Consultation

We’ll sit down with you for an hour and discuss your business, review your financials, show you what to focus on, and make you aware of major lurking financial risks.

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