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Fractional CFO Services

Grow confidently with support from your fractional CFO.

Understanding Fractional CFO Services

You have built a good business and now is the time to take it to the next level. Financial performance is important to you, but your business is not ready for a full-time CFO. Fractional CFO Services is the answer. A part-time CFO solution allows ambitious businesses to access top-tier financial expertise, scaling with you and ensuring that growth is strategically managed and financially sound.

CFOshare is your financial guide through this phase of your journey. Learn more in our blog Fractional CFO Explained.

The need for a part-time CFO

If your small business is experiencing these common headaches, now is the time to explore fractional CFO services.

  • Big growth opportunities but insufficient financial models to plan with
  • Sudden, unexpected cash shortages
  • Upcoming equity or debt recapitalization
  • Pending business acquisitions
  • Planning the sale of your business
  • Unreliable performance by your accounting team
  • You are too busy to work on finance and your time is best spent elsewhere

How our outsourced CFO services solve business problems

Our formula is no secret: we combine financial best practices and excellent communication to deliver our services – great teams building great businesses. Other qualities that make CFOshare unique include:

People drive profit

Behind all the numbers are people creating the results. Rather than managing blindly “by the numbers”, our team values your relationships and builds considerations for you and your team into everything we do.

Team approach

You will engage with a team of professionals, such as a CFO, controller, analyst, CX agent and BD lead to ensure all bases are covered.

Flexible month-to-month

No long contracts, we earn your business every month.

Meet you where you are.

We do not cram software down your throat or force you to change right away. We start every engagement with an analysis of what’s working and collaborate with you before implementing changes. 

Benefits of choosing CFOshare’s Fractional CFO Services

Not certain CFOshare is the right partner for you? Here’s some of the benefits we offer above and beyond financial best practices and excellent communication:

60 Day Guaranteed Improvement

Or your money back.

Our responsiveness promise.

We hate it when vendors do not respond to calls or emails, so we promise to respond to your messages and requests within 1 business day.

Access to depth and breadth of talent.

Our team of 25+ finance professionals hold a variety of skills you will have access to in addition to your assigned engagement team. 

Want to speak to a fractional CFO

Contact us to see if your business would benefit from part time CFO services.