Your Outsourced Finance & Accounting Team

Grow confidently with a professional financial team backing you up.

More Than a Fractional CFO

CFOshare is your finance & accounting department

Traditional fractional CFO companies use a pool of 1099 contractors to service new clients. This creates inconsistent quality between contractors and limits the skillset you can access. For example, your fractional CFO may be good at accounting but poor at forecasting.

At CFOshare, our team of specialized, full-time W-2 employees work together to deliver superior results to your small business. That means you can expect industry best-practices from a range of experts whether it be a debt specialist, cost accountant, real estate guru, startup specialist, or pricing strategist.

We customize our approach to fit your business

CFOshare does not force you to adopt our software or reuse an Excel model that does not fit your business. We meet our customers where they are at, preserving the useful tools they have invested in and improving ineffective tools with customized solutions that meet your standards of excellence.

We plan before we execute

Many accounting and bookkeeping firms are eager to dive in and start cleaning up your books. This process is both unpredictable and wasteful. We begin each accounting engagement with a Controls Study to get a lay of the land, map our approach, and avoid duplicating work.

We do not accept kickbacks, commissions, or referral fees

Many professional financial agencies make substantial revenue off commissions for products, referral fees from HR and insurance partners, and kickbacks from lending institutions. We refuse all these forms of commission to ensure we are aligned with the best interests of our client: you.

We invest in our employees and our community

Our management is dedicated to all stakeholders, especially our employees and our community. This means continuous education, regular volunteer mentorship, emphasis on work-life balance, progressive employee benefits, and donations to not-for-profit partners aligned with our mission.

Meet the Team