Pricing Analysis

No financial plan is complete without comprehensive pricing strategy. Maximize growth, boost profits, and solidify market position with professional pricing strategy and analysis.

What is Pricing Analysis?

Pricing analysis is a comprehensive study of your competitive product or service position. The goal is to become more profitable. While some pricing analysis services focus on expensive consumer surveys to analyze potential price points, true pricing analysis involves a suite of pricing analysis models including:

How can a fractional CFO help with pricing analysis?

Some businesses hire marketing agencies to perform a pricing analysis. Although marketing expertise is essential, actual pricing strategy covers more than just marketing. Pricing strategy considers all elements of your business including staffing, operations, capital planning, and growth strategy. The marketing department does not have enough perspective to work alone – the CEO and CFO must be involved in pricing strategy.

True competitive pricing analysis is a comprehensive review of your entire value proposition including:

  • The customer experience
  • Product or service quality
  • Bundled products and services
  • Contract duration
  • Payment structure

When analyzing pricing strategy, a CFO will:

  • Focus on gross profit, not just revenue
  • Employ 3 or 4 pricing analysis models
  • Analyze historic sales data
  • Compare competitive price points
  • Model alternative pricing structures using a business forecast
  • Analyze working capital requirements of alternative payment structures

What are the best pricing strategies for tech companies?

Tech businesses face unique pricing opportunities and challenges. Today’s hyper-competitive tech environment pressures some companies into pricing wars. On the other hand, tech businesses have nearly limitless opportunities to differentiate their product. Tech business pricing strategy should compare competitive price points against:

Add-on and bundled features


Quality of customer service

SEO ranking

Customer lifetime value (LTV)

Software customization options

How to do competitive pricing analysis

The CFOshare team engages in two levels of pricing strategy services to suit your business needs.

Initial pricing strategy consultation.

Effective and low commitment, our CFO’s will spend a few hours consulting with you to learn about your current pricing posture and identify potential opportunities. This consultation is great for startups and includes:

  • CEO and marketing consultation
  • Cursory competitive posture research
  • Professional guidance on pricing improvement opportunities

Comprehensive pricing strategy analysis.

High impact and data-driven, the CFOshare team will perform a sweeping 6-week pricing strategy analysis to identify and quantify opportunities to improve your pricing. This service is best for established businesses and includes:

  • Statistical analysis of historic sales and discount data
  • Complete competitive posture survey, including:
    • Customer experience
    • Payment system and timing
    • Contract scope and duration
    • Comparative product or service value
  • Prospective customer survey, when appropriate
  • Written report of findings, data analysis, and recommendations

Hire a Fractional CFO for competitive pricing analysis.

The CFOshare team includes fractional CFO’s and specialized analysts to cover all elements of your business pricing strategy. Schedule a call now to improve your pricing, grow revenue, and improve profits.