Why Our Clients Like Us

There is no way we would have been profitable without the ability to marry data analysis with business intuition. Our industry is hyper-competitive, and having a fractional CFO has given us an indisputable edge!
Cameron Chan

Nick Otis

CMO  –  Globeville Building and Land

It is impossible to appreciate the power of professional analytics until you experience it yourself. Given the opportunity, CFOshare will make you believer.

Kevin McGrath

General Manager  –  Tecomet Inc.

You know, the startup world is crazy, and it was nice to have someone who could keep us grounded and help us think through the financial questions in a clear way.

Jessica Crothers

COO  –  Good Bye Gear

LJ has a very charismatic presentation style and ability to build a case. He communicates clearly and brought years of experience in the medical devices industry.

Dave Capkovitz

General Manager  –  Tecomet