Fractional CFO Services for Cannabis

A fractional CFO for cannabis is a cost-effective solution for a strategic hire that every business needs.

What can a fractional CFO do for my cannabis business?

With no government funding or protection, a cannabis business’ management team is vital to the success of the business. Hiring an outsourced CFO is an effective way to add a financial professional with a growth mindset and cannabis knowledge to your fundamental team.

Part time CFO services perform all the same functions as a full time CFO. These include:

  • Cannabis bookkeeping and month-end accounting
  • Dispensary Accounting
  • Forecasting cash, revenue, expenses and profit
  • Monthly budget vs. actual analysis
  • Strategizing with management and providing financial expertise
  • Negotiating debt arrangements
  • Maintaining relationships with banks, lenders, and investors
  • Analyzing customer acquisition costs and lifetime values
  • Working with CPAs on annual tax filings
  • Performing due diligence and valuation on business acquisitions

What are the benefits of hiring a fractional CFO for my cannabis business?

Financial challenges in the cannabis industry can make or break a business. Hiring an outsourced CFO, signals that your business is taking the necessary steps to scale.

New perspective

An outsourced Chief Financial Officer brings an unbiased 3-party perspective to your team collaboration. They are using financial tools to guide actions and decisions towards the overall financial goals. For example, at CFOshare, we analyze management plans for how fast to hire and grow.

Team of Experts

Your cannabis business needs multiple experts to assist with the industry’s unpredictability and volatility. Hiring CFOshare, you hire a team of experts. We are more than CPAs and more than analysts. We pool our knowledge and apply that expertise to help our customers achieve their financial goals.

Strategy catered to your business

A cannabis industry outsourced CFO’s job is to give you, the CEO, insight to help drive business decisions. They are there to present the numerical facts and make recommendations based on those facts. Their strategic insight should have your goals and your teams’ goals in mind.

Let CFOshare help you regulate your Cannabis business.

Contact us to see if your business would benefit from part-time CFO services.