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Join Our Emerging Leaders Apprenticeship Program

Our team has created an apprenticeship program for professionals new to their accounting or finance careers. This program will give you real-world work experience plus an academic education all while paying you to participate! Are you interested? Read on…

How does an apprenticeship work?

An apprenticeship is a professional education combining on-the-job training with academic classes. Today, apprenticeships are most popular with skilled trades like electricians, machinists, and mechanics; but increasingly apprenticeships exist in service professions like nursing, paralegal, and computer programming.

The CFOshare apprenticeship is a structured program of paid part-time training and work with our professional accounting and finance team, plus a $5,000 scholarship to pay for relevant college courses. In 2-3 years you will complete our program and be awarded an Apprentice Certificate which qualifies you to begin your career in accounting or finance. That’s right – you’ll be qualified to begin full-time entry-level accounting or finance work at CFOshare or other companies like ours, while finishing your college degree if you so choose.

The combination of academic and real-life work accelerates your learning process, helping you finish more quickly (while getting paid to participate) and start working full-time.

Why did CFOshare make the Emerging Leaders Program?

In 2020, following the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, LJ Suzuki, founder of CFOshare, finally became aware of the systemic racial injustice in our country. Compelled by a desire to be an anti-racist, LJ surveyed his unique resources and determined CFOshare’s greatest power was its capital and its well-educated workforce. The Apprenticeship Program seeks to create more equitable pathways with and for those who have been systematically deprived of capital and education in Colorado – in particular, Indigenous People of America, African American, and Latinx communities.

Who qualifies for the Emerging Leaders Program?

We only have three requirements to qualify for our program:

  1. You must be legally eligible to work in the USA, with special preference for Indigenous peoples of America, Black, or Latinx.
  2. You must be pursuing a career in accounting or managerial finance.
  3. You must be willing to live/work in the Denver area.

That’s it. Since GPA, test scores, and letters of recommendation are all systemically racist, we don’t want any of them. Not sure if you should apply? Listen to our staff share their experience to see if we’re the right team for you.

Each applicant will be evaluated as an individual and not in a way that makes race the defining feature of his or her application. The purpose of this program is not just to remedy past discrimination, but also to bolster a diverse atmosphere that fosters learning and new ideas, improves job performance, and encourages mutual respect and understanding. Increased diversity in the workplace will make CFOshare a better place.

Interested in becoming a CFOshare apprentice?

Apply online here.